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izumi sena is trans

izumi sena is trans

been doing some doodles for a mini art fight event!

oc belongs to zzpopzz!

my og art fight profile can be found here, i'm on team spice!

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Show/game/whatever: They are sworn enemies, never to be friendly with each other.

Me: Okay, but what if... they were friends.

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u will support them

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trans rights are human rights

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@idioticsilverware yes, this is the post with the most notes i think, let's make it to 1000

!!!!!!!!!! quincy is home : ' ) 3 million points wasn't that bad actually plus I'm still in rank so I'm gonna get another copy too!!! nice!!! this game is great with events

invincible rainbow arrow slaps actually

i am ranking...............again................... but tbh its not too bad ranking in afterl!fe i dont think? ive hardly fallen at all im still in rank and i dont have to check my phone every five seconds to make sure i dont fall out of rank

lorenz Deserved that win against sylvain. i def cant see him winning the whole gauntlet, but he won at least one battle and thats fine with me i'm so proud of him

this is the best furniture in the game

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this was a character design challenge! generate three random emojis and make a character based on them! he doesnt have a name or anything yet but i like him

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“Now mermaids are not as they are in storybooks… they are dark creatures, in touch with all things mysterious.”

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this jerkoff doesn't have a name, but he's an oc now. he was in in my dream last night, and he has glittery magic breath that puts people to sleep.

he's angry and gay and wants revenge for the theft of his horn (he's a unicorn). his control over the magic sleepy breath has been messed up a bit by someone stealing his horn.

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this is an actual screenshot from the live action Sailor Moon

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Hashtag relatable

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Connor for Monofam on artfight

Misdreavus Colour Palette Challenge